Slider Block for Tuxedo TP-9KAC, TP-9KACX, TP-9KF, TP-9KFX, TP-9KSCX 2-Post Lift - Solid Piece



This listing is on One Set (16 pcs) of Slider Block (Rub Block) for TP-9KAC, TP-9KACX, TP-9KF, TP-9KFX, TP-9KSCX,  or TP-9K series of Tuxedo, Kernel, GregSmith, Ideal, Panther lifts.  Some pictures of these lifts are shown above.  It takes 16 to replace all the Slider Blocks on one lift.  

TP-9KAC, TP-9KACX, TP-9KF, TP-9KFX, TP-9KSCX are a 9000 lb. lifting capacity 2-Post lift that private labeled under the brand name of  Tuxedo, Kernel, Atlas, Ideal, and Panther lifts.  The block's SKU# is DL38G-C109A.  Please lower your lift and check the slider blocks in the post and make sure they are same as our pictures on the listing prior to ordering to avoid errors.  The block DOES NOT have a Groove, it is a Solid Piece, one of the pictures on our listing shows the blocks on a carriage.  

FREE SHIPPING to 48 U.S. continental United States by USPS mail or UPS.  Sales tax applies to California residents.  Northstar lift parts are dependable and it is the professional's choice. 

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